Changing the Horizon of Financial Advisor Coaching

The Journey Readiness Score

Supported with ground breaking “Journey Readiness™” Technology and Next Best Action Technology™” our proprietary Journey Readiness Score is a tool based on the Carnegie Melon “Capability Maturity Model.” The JRS will become the industry standard for measuring operational maturity within a Financial Advisory business. The JRS is designed to create the objective standard by which we can determine the “Readiness” or “Maturity of Thought” that exists within the firm. Learning occurs best in context over time. Our coaching model is built to remove the bias from the coach or person giving advice while objectively measuring progress and prescribing “Next Best Actions” that drive customized outcomes for advisors.

Next Best Action Technology™

Our software and process is designed to help the coach and the advisor learn at the appropriate time and rate. We teach the next best principle or action when the advisor is ready to learn and when it is best for the business to adopt the new knowledge. Our advanced algorithms and platform allow for coaching and implementation to happen in context and for the desired outcome dictated by money, time and life variables.

The Journey Advisor System

The Journey System is your command center for personal, fiscal and business growth. While most coaching programs deal with archaic documentation and little to no technology, our Journey System was built for the key ingredients of a healthy and prosperous Business/Money/Life growth model: Personalization, Reporting, Benchmarking, Learning, Project Management, Accountability and Progress Tracking.

Advisor DNA Technology

DNA – (Destination Needs Analysis) was created to uncover the DNA of an Advisor and an Advisory Firm and to establish what their best fit for partnership, merger or acquisition may be. The unique process and platform will help an Advisor or a Team accurately diagnose what they want and the profile of the destination they are looking for.