Our Climbing “Peer” Groups

An old African Proverb states that,

“if you want to go fast, go alone
but if you want to go far,
go with a friend.” 
For those with the foresight to acquire accountability, resources and relationships for a long journey, we created the industry’s first Peer Group Matching Technology. We place you in a Climbing Group with Advisory Business Owners that share the same business and life goals. We cultivate an environment of support, accountability and personal and business growth. Your climbing party has the benefit of the coaching process powered by our groundbreaking Journey Readiness Technology. Most consultants tell you who you ought to be, what your firm should look like, act like… But fail to go beyond the quantitative side of your practice. What do you want? What do YOU want your Advisory Life look like? Our coaching model is built to remove the bias from the person providing advice while objectively measuring progress and prescribing “Next Best Actions” that drive customized outcomes for advisors. Our unique process that is customized, scaled and supported through our proprietary Journey Readiness Score and Advisor Platform as our Industry Leading Guides advise on the three most important factors in your business.