Advisory DNA

Advisor Representation Coaching Model

Are you partnering with the right firm?

We are looking to partner with Advisors who have a strong desire to uncover who they truly are as practitioners and as business owners and are interested in making sure they are in the right environment to maximize their goals. Our coaching process empowers our clients to find the right destination that will enable them to fulfill their business and life goals as well as maximize the impact they have with their clients.

How do we do that?

You receive dynamic, tailored guidance based upon our proprietary Advisory DNA (Destination Needs Analysis) Technology as we assess business, financial and life goals in route to helping you find the right firm that fits your unique DNA as a business person and as an advisor.

Next Best Action Technology™

(Advisor DNA Technology) (DNA – Destination Needs Analysis) Our discreet and proprietary coaching process is powered and enabled through a unique and powerful technology platform that was created to uncover the business interests and practitioner needs for an Advisor or Advisory Firm.

Once the profile of the Advisor or Firm is completed, the technology and process is used to establish the best potential fit for partnership, merger, succession or acquisition. The Advisory DNA platform will then provide compatibility analytics for potential destinations from our deep database of objective firm profiles.

The DNA Technology is not merely a simple list of attributes that are compiled for a score, the technology and the process test 60+ points of inference and assign a symbiotic score for the entire landscape as well as all of the individual areas of importance.

Customized Coaching Powered Through Technology

Also included in our Advisor Representation Services:

Coaching and advice that includes Exclusive Representation, Firm (Destination) Introductions, Transition Guidance, Legal Guidance Introductions and Terms Negotiation.

“No Advisor should consider a change of firm without speaking to one of our coaches.”

The Process