Coaching Model

Dynamic Coaching Powered through Technology!

Advisors who are passionate about life, client experience, and operational maturity choose to work with the Journey Team because we can assist them in reaching their most optimistic business objectives faster and more efficiently.


You receive dynamic, tailored guidance based upon a proprietary Journey System (You and your firm’s personal growth platform) as we assess and implement with groundbreaking  “Next Best Action Technology.” Addressing not only the business, but also financial and life goals to help you create the Enterprise that YOU want.

Opening accounts leads to the establishment of a practice. Going from a practice to a business creates substantial personal net income, by adding scale, organic growth, recruiting and M&A, you go from a business to an enterprise, which creates significant net worth.

Most consulting firms will tell you who they think you ought to be. We think differently. We know that every Every Journey is different and every Advisor and Advisory practice desires a different summit from the next. Our unique technology, our experienced Guides and our symbiotic concentration on Money / Your Business and Your Life, will be transformative for you and your practice.

  • Journey Readiness Scoring system provides you with the clarity you need to pick your next destination on the Journey
  • Competitive Data and Peer Indexing
  • Customized Journey Operating System/ Command Center with Digital Tools
  • Customized Journey Mapping (JRS, Summit Identification, Customized yet Dynamic Plan)
  • Personal Sherpa (Coach) that meets with you Bi-Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly
  • Personal Resource Guide to Resource Map and connect you with pre-packaged pricing and relationships
  • Climbing groups with Symbiotic Advisors and Practices
  • Access to online Education and Virtual Events
  • Annual Peer Groups Study Groups and Annual Destination Conference
  • Access to Additional Lead Generation and Recruiting / M&A Sourcing
  • Introductions to "Turn Key Marketing" and "Back Office" solutions (Technology, Lead Generation, Bookkeeping, Accounting, HR, Marketing, Risk Management, Events, etc.)
  • Access to Firm Matching for Succession and Partnerships (Strategic Transitions)
  • Kolbe Analysis for Partners

The JRS is the foundational engagement tool for our coaching experience. The JRS score and tool is the industry standard for measuring operational maturity within a Financial Advisory business. The JRS creates the objective standard we use to determine the “Readiness” or “Maturity of Thought” that exists within the firm. The JRS eliminates the bias traditionally found in the consulting engagement.  Our proprietary tool assesses the critical areas of your firm and provides an objective score of each area so our coaches know best how to help you improve and meet your goals. 

Through our traditional coaching model, you receive dynamic, tailored guidance based on our proprietary Journey System (your firm’s personal growth platform). We evaluate and implement a plan based on our groundbreaking  Journey ReadinessTM and “Next Best Action TechnologyTM to help you meet your business and life goals.

We have created the industry’s first Peer Group Matching Technology, placing you in a Climbing Group with Advisory Business Owners that share the same business and life goals. We cultivate an environment of support, accountability, personal and business growth.

Our transitions package includes Coaching, Advice, Firm Matching, Turnkey Services including Legal Support, Transition Logistics, Economic Modeling, Lead Generation and more.

Coaching and Advice that includes exclusive representation, Firm Matching, Turnkey Transition, Legal Support, Transition Logistics and Terms Negotiation.

Journey Coaching Process